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Church KDC's first project was the renovation of a 110-year old church into its headquarters and home for its founding memers.





Southern U.S. Lisa Kolarsky, in addition to serving as the General Manager, is also a real estate agent licensed in Louisiana, U.S.A. Since leaving Chevron-Texaco in 1999, she has devoted over a decade to selling valuable historic homes to unique clientelle across the state.




Asia KDC is involved in the Holmes Street subdivision project to be realized in its home town of Pearl River. The Holmes Street development project is designed to offer comfortable, laid-back, Southern-style living well built homes oozing character, while behind the scenes featuring 21st century world-class energy efficiency and amenities.


Energy needs In parallel with the Holmes Street project, KDC has embarked on a projecst in Europe, involving renovations of 17th and 18th century historic objects, including rectories, chapels and small chateaus.