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Radim Kolarsky, a partner and a founding member of the organization, is an oil and gas project manager, with experience ranging from regional exploration and new ventures work, to development and production projects on a field-scale.

He is regularly invited to consult on asset evaluations by companies who are looking to acquire an oil and gas asset. He handles the whole work stream from hands-on seismic and well-log interpretation, subsurface mapping, collaborates with reservoir engineers on static reservoir modeling, and dynamic simulation, reserve calculations, culminating in economic cash flow models and writing Asset-Evaluation Reports, Competent Person's Reports, Field-Development Plans.

He is a game changer with an upbeat, enthusiastic approach to problem solving, a lateral thinker always able to find new avenues of thinking in areas that have been overlooked. By education, he is a superbly educated geologist/geophysicist, trained by Texaco and Shell, with 30 years of global experience in the upstream petroleum industry. His hands-on technical expertise lies in discovering and developing new reserves of oil and gas, both conventional and unconventional.

Past and current projects
Past and current projects:

1. - 1989-1992: Tectonics, stratigraphy and hydrocarbon potential of the Central American forearc basin in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama (regional integrated basin study); University of Texas dissertation project published by the Geological Society of America in Special Publication 295 "Geology and Tectonic Development of the Caribbean Plate Boundary in Southern Central America". Click here for further details.

2. - 1991: New ventures acreage screening for a licensing round in the Vienna Basin and Carpathian Foredeep; internship project at Exxon Company International Houston. Click here for further details.

3. - 1992-1997: Field development and exploitation work at Texaco E&P in Louisiana, U.S.A.: Cote Blanche Island, West Cote Blanche Bay, Vermillion Bay, Lake Pelto. Highly successful re-development program at Cote Blanche Island increased production from 300 bopd to 7000+ bopd. Several wells were still producing as of 2006. Click here for further details.

4. - 1997-1999: New ventures acreage screening in the ultra-deepwater potion of the Gulf of Mexico at Shell Deepwater Development. Generated Shell's first abyssal plain prospect in the U.S.A. (Excalibur); drilled Cayenne deepwater discovery with Vastar. Click here for further details.

5. - 1991-2002: Exploitation/appraisal/exploration/new ventures projects on numerous assets in the Gulf of Mexico: Pecan Island, Paradis, Bay Marchand, East Cameron 9, Matagorda Island, West Cote Blanche Bay, for a number of independent oil companies and Wall Street investment firms. Successful development drilling campaign at Paradis Field. East Cameron 9 became a 2002 gas discovery. Click here for further details.

6. - 2002-2004: Consulting work for Shell Nigeria on a 17 TCF LNG project (re-development of Utapate, Kolo Creek and Gbaran Fields). Leading integrated field studies, hands-on QI and reservoir modeling work, teaching, developing staff. Risk assessment work on offshore exploration prospects.

2015-2022 - Working with multiple independent oil and gas companies on asset acquisitions and raising investment.

7. - 2004: Consulting work for Petrokazakhstan on appraisal and exploitation of Akshabulak, Nuraly, Aksai fields. After joiining the company, in the capacity of Exploitation Manager, leading a number of large integrated field development projects. Highly successful and profitable drilling campaign at Akshabulak field.

8. - 2006-2007: Geology & Geophysics Manager and project leader for Devon Energy: steering an ultra-deepwater exploration project, leading to an oil discovery in block OPL-242. Leading and developing a large technical team consisting of local and western expatriate staff, liaising with Nigerian government, hands-on prospect generation. Devon's exit from West Africa put further appraisal on hold.

9. -10. 2007: Exploration Manager for MND E&P London on two licenses (Alpine foredeep basin in Southern Bavaria and the Carpathian Fold and Thrust Belt in Romania.

11. - 2007: Evaluation of offshore acreage in Tunisia for MND E&P London. 12. - 2007: Evaluation of offshore acreage in the Black Sea for MND E&P London 13. - 2007: Leading due dilligence work on the acquisition of Regal Petroleum Ukraine, for MND E&P London.

14. - 2007-2010: Evaluating new ventures opportunities in Australia, Indonesia and Thailand for a Murphy/Mitsubishi/PTTEP consortium. Identified a new play in the Browse Basin and single-handedly captured block WA423 on the Australian NW Shelf. First exploration well due to spud in 2013.

15. - 2008: New ventures acreage screening in northern Sumatra for Murphy Oil.

16. - 2008: New ventures acreage screening in the Andaman Sea for Murphy Oil.

17. - 2009: New ventures acreage screening onshore and offshore Papua New Guinea.

18. - 2009-2010: New ventures acreage screening in Makassar Strait. Successfully captured several blocks. Prospect development in a held block onshore Borneo.

19.& 20. - 2011-2012: Expanding the highly attractive and successful Upper Cretaceous play (cf. Jubilee discovery) from Liberia through Ivory Coast and Ghana to Cameroon (Bowleven Oil and Gas and Rialto Energy).

21-24. - 2013: Screening of new ventures investment opportunities in East Africa (Ethriopia, Kanya, Tanzania, Mosambique, Madagascar) for an independent operator.

26. - 2015: New ventures acreage screening in the Central Burma Basin for a consortium of independent operators.

27. - 2013: Appraisal prospect generation at XXX field for the Tarbokataymunai XXX Kazakh-Chinese joint venture.

28. - 2013: Assessing field re-development potential in Vietnam with a consortium of wealthy private and institutional investors.

29. - 2022: Investigating unconventional gas reserve potential in the Lower Silesian Basin with a consortium of wealthy private and institutional investors.