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Radim Kolarsky, a partner and a founding member of KDC, is an oil and gas project manager, with hands-on technical experience ranging from regional exploration and new ventures work on a basin scale, to development and production projects on a field-scale all the way down to single-reservoir scale.

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Seismic interpretationKDC is a hands-on oil and gas consultancy, ready to roll up its sleeves and get its nose down to your project and data. Here is a list of services we provide:

  • Regional play-based exploration of a basin scale utilizing sequence stratigraphy and sedimentology, basin tectonics and structural geology
  • Geochemistry and basin modeling
  • Full suite of GIS capabilities
  • Prospect identification, risking, volumetrics, and maturation to drillable status
  • Wildcat exploration well design inclusing pore-pressure prediction
  • Offshore pre-drill shallow-hazard surveys
  • Wellsite mud-logging and paleontology services
  • Petrophysical well log analysis and reservoir parameters determination
  • Post-drill well data analysis and integration into regional geologic models
  • Field appraisal projects: prospect definition and development to drillable status
  • Wellsite services and post-drill well data analysis
  • Static and dynamic reservoir modeling
  • Field Development Planning (FDP), including project costing, and economics
  • Detailed geophysical work on reservoir scale: Quantitative Seismic Amplitude Analysis, seismci inversion and AVO work, development of 3D porosity models based on 3D seismic and well data
  • Reservoir lifecycle monitoring and field re-development planning

Seismic interpretation3D SeismicGeologic and geophysical work is handled by Radim Kolarsky himself. He is regularly invited to consult on asset evaluations by companies who are looking to acquire or develop oil and gas assets. He handles the whole work stream from hands-on seismic and well-log interpretation, subsurface mapping, collaborates with reservoir engineers on static reservoir modeling, and dynamic simulation, reserve calculations, culminating in economic cash flow models and writing Asset-Evaluation Reports, Competent Person's Reports, Field-Development Plans.

Subsurface map3D SeismicOur specialist associates handle regional basin modeling and geochemistry work, wellsite services, petrophysics and reservoir modeling, reservoir engineering, well design, and surface production facilities design. We work as a tightly-integrated multidisciplinary team. There are no silos, no lone-wolf employees. The subsurface team consisting of geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists, and reservoir engineers work tightly together, while communicating with and feeding information to the drilling engineers, and production-facility engineers. Information flows freely between these three components of our integrated workforce. We firmly believe in the integrated cross-functional team concept, and we achieve the best results!Well designCAD design

We are all game changers with an upbeat, enthusiastic approach to problem solving, lateral thinkers always able to find new avenues of thinking that have been overlooked. All of our partners and associates are veterans of the North American and European oil industry, trained by the Majors and have at least 20 years experience in the industry.

Radim Kolarsky is a superbly educated geologist/geophysicist, trained by Texaco and Shell, with 30 years of global experience across the entire spectrum of the upstream petroleum industry. His hands-on technical expertise lies in discovering anddeveloping new reserves of oil and gas, both conventional and unconventional.

We are industry veterans who were trained during the 1900s and 2000s at the time when cross-functional, self-managed teams were being implemented by the Majors. However, the industry continues to change and evolve. We see 3 drivers shaping the industry now and in the near future:

  • A world of perceived relative resource abundance leading to average lower oil prices below $100. This demands effieciency and cost-accountability.
  • Continuing technological advances are enabling step changes in productivity. Some functions are being replaced by automation on a large scale, and those that remain will require increased human–machine interaction. Data generation continues to grow exponentially. This, combined with advanced analytics and machine learning, creates opportunities to fundamentally reshape how and where work gets done.
  • Changing demographics - millennials are entering the workforce during the 2020s. These “digital natives” are bringing their own expectations of technology, collaboration, pace, and accountability.
The relentless pace of change puts a premium on the ability to adapt quickly to changing conditions. We need to be agile: combining dynamic capabilities, such as rapidly forming cross-functional teams and reprioritizing tasks quickly, with a stable backbone of proven core-value processes that provide resilience, reliability, and relentless efficiency. In practice, this means managing over-reliance on automation, while fostering time-proven methods of oil-finding and production. At KDC, we fully understand these concepts.

Our track recod is truly global. We have done projects from Canada, to the Gulf Mexico, to West Africa, to Central Asia, Southeast Asia, to Australia:

Past and current projects

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KDC can help your organization manage exploration, field-appraisal, field-development, production, and field re-development projects in many ways. Get in touch with us today!



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