My name is Ales Kolarsky.  I offer consultation, assistance, training and post-graduate teaching in behavioral sexology.  My specialty is synthesizing the ideas of Frank Beach, Kurt Freund, John Money and  Jaroslav Madlafousek, and practically (clinically) applying  them. I am an ideal coach to those who deal with behavioral sexological problems such as Paraphilias and Sex Offenders, but who are not acquainted enough with the possibility to clinically utilize the evolutionry approach of Jaroslav Madlafousek. 

This offer is aimed at psychiatrists, psychologists, forensic professionals, and everyone engaged  in Sexological Assessment, in Psychotherapy, Behavior Therapy, Sex Therapy, and Marital Therapy.  I have 40 years of research and clinical work experience in behavioral sexology.  With four decades of my research, clinical practice, publications, and teaching behind me, I am able to greatly increase your understanding of this subject matter, of your forensic cases and to increase your ability to help your clients. 

This offer is also aimed at various other specialists. The sexological studies of Freund´s and Madlafousek´s team included  normal men as well. Consequently, the resulting ideas have important implications for basic behavioral research, sociobiology, biological psychology, as well as for  ethics, philosophy, sociology, psychotherapy, pastoral psychology, education etc. 

Unrecognized sexual anomaly can also be present in non-offenders with "unconventional life style", in socio-sexually dysfunctional men, in depressive, fobic and obsessive individuals, in strikingly aggressive ones, and among people with deficiency in pair bonding  (anomalous "character") etc. 

The knowledge of Kurt Freund´s courtship disorders helps construct the model of the authentic human eroticism. Hence the importance for evolutionary psychology.  If you are interested in theoretical issues concerning man, behavior, culture, communication, ethics etc., you will gain surprisingly new outlooks.  Most visitors of mine have been truly pleased by their knowledge enrichment. 

The subject matter of my assessment is the essential  guiding mechanisms involved in human erotic processes.  The following example  shows what do I mean by the term "essential": 

Exhibitionists can be engaged - besides exhibiting - in voyeurism, least aggressive toucherism and in obscene telephoning. All these offenses are manifestations -according to our studies-  of the same essential sexual anomaly: the disturbed transition from arousal due to female coy courtship to arousal due to the same woman´s genital display.  This anomaly also operates during the exhibitionists´ erotic interactions with their partners, causing problems.  I will show you that this model  explains all the facts that are known so far.  The essential sexual anomaly is what we  (Kurt Freund,  Jarka Madlafousek and myself) call paraphilia or sexual deviation
"Lovemap" (John Money) includes "attractivity" (Frank Beach) and "proceptivity" (Beach and Money).  The female coy pattern and male erotic interest in it are examples of authentic human proceptivity.  Indeed, human coyness is not purely learned.  I will give you strong arguments in favor of this thesis.   It is necessary to give up the popular limitation of  "sexuality"  on genitality. 

Essentialism, conceded by Popper, sharply contradicts the approach oriented at overt behavior alone, particularly the offense-oriented approach. The  consequences of the essence-oriented approach are of utmost practical importance and comprise the topics outlined below:

  • Theory
    • The rejection of the concept of unitary sex drive and personality      interpretation of paraphilic proneness
    • Multiple social/psychological standards (do not assess "communication skills" of paraphilics by applying general standards)
    • What is paraphilia an anomaly of ? What do we explore when inquiring about a subject´s arousing experiences?
    • The "essentialistic" vs "popular" concept of sexual orientation and paraphilia
    • Priorities in (and to) male erotic activation - see the Kolárský and Brichcín 1999 paper in the journal Psychiatrie titled "Priorities in Male Erotic Activation and Paraphilias" (in English)
    • Human eroticism seen as a "federation" of partial drives, its properties and the criteria of non-deviancy
    • The essence of the following variations : homosexual pedophilia, ephebophilia, androphilia, heterosexual pedophilia and hebephilia, gynephilia, exhibitionism, frotteurism, toucherism, abnormal rape proneness, sex killing, sadism and masochism, fetishism.

    • Erotic attractivity and the explanation of "psychosexual infantilism " and of incestuous inclination (see our 2000 and 2001 Czech-language papers in Psychiatrie
    • Why the essence of the majority of sex anomalies in and of themselves are not offensive, and why we should stop the a priori demonisation of sex anomalies
    • The relative rarity of true sadism among sex offenders
    • In contrast to popular beliefs, a much higher number of sex aggressives (rapists), as well as all other kinds of sex offenders (child molesters) are in fact sexually anomalous

  • Practice
    • The Principles of Sexodiagnostics 
    • Strategies for discovering sex anomalies
    • Effective sexodiagnostics is impossible so far without the essentialistic theory of  sexuality (see our 2001 article in Psychiatrie)
    • Sources of data, the importance of detailed reports by victims and partners
    • Verbal and phallometric exploration : the ethical, legal, theoretical, tactical and technical aspects
    • The art of using verbal stimuli in individualized phallometric designs
    • Repeated phallometric sessions with the same subject in specifying courtship and other sexual anomalies
    • Disclosing the sexual anomaly of a sex murderer - a contribution to crime prevention 
    • Up-to-date studies of known sexual variations among men
    • Principles of sexological guidance : an extension of democratic rules of co-existence toward plurality of social standards, and allowing the subject to learn to understand his or her own emotional history in terms of our model of his/her sexuality


I have been a member of the Internation Academy of Sex Research since 1978.  More on my professional achievements can be obtained from Marquis "Who's Who is Science and Engineering" (2001).  I communicate fluently in English and Czech; interpretation services for other languages can be arranged. 

Presentations and topics of study will be customized to your individual specifications.  Sessions can be arranged:

    • either in my facilities in Prague (help in finding suitable accomodations in nearby hotels or bed and breakfasts)
    • or at your site (travel expenses paid, in addition to my consulting fees)

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(c) 2001 Ales Kolarsky