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Global Perspective, Local Focus


Kolarsky Development Consulting (KDC) is a diversified firm engaged globally in projects covering energy with focus on oil and gas, real estate, and IT strategy. We are game changers with an upbeat, enthusiastic approach to problem solving, lateral thinkers always able to find new avenues of thinking in areas that have been overlooked, leading to success.


The organization was founded in 1999 by Radim and Lisa Kolarsky, both highly skilled professionals coming from the American oil and gas industry. Radim Kolarsky is by trade a superbly trained geologist/geophysicist with 25 years of global experience in the upstream and midstream. Lisa Kolarsky is by trade a civil engineer and an IT specialist who has devoted 24 years at Chevron-Texaco. Since 1999, she has acted as the General Manager of KDC, as well as the manager of its real estate business, while Radim Kolarsky manages the energy and IT businesses.


Kolarsky Development Consulting is engaged in energy projects in Europe, Asia and Africa, real estate development projects in the U,S.A. and Europe, globally in IT strategy projects, and humaninatian and charitable projects in Asia and Africa.


Kolarsky Development Consulting is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) registered in the U.S. State of Louisiana.

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